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Yamaha releases new electric scooter made by Taiwan's Gogoro
Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT) is set to launch a new electric scooter for the Taiwan market which has been designed and built in collaboration with Taiwanese e-scooter maker Gogoro.

In a press release issued on June 27, Yamaha announced that it will soon be releasing its new EC-O5, which is the fruit of a collaboration between the Japanese company and Gogoro. The EC-05 is set to hit Yamaha dealerships in Taiwan on August 1.

The new e-scooter is "styled by Yamaha Japan," but makes extensive use of Gogoro technology and will be manufactured by the Taiwanese scooter-maker. Like Gogoro's existing fleet of e-scooters, the EC-05 will be powered by the same type of swappable battery packs as Gogoros and that can be exchanged at Gogoro's 1,000-plus battery swapping GoStations across Taiwan.

Pre-orders for the EC-05 were made available on July 1. The new scooter will come in four colors, including Isolate Blue, Black Diamond, Twilight Blue, and Sugar White. On the EC-05, Yamaha has modified Gogoro's original speedometer display to give it a more polygonal appearance and set the location in a more ergonomic location to minimize the rider's need to look away from the road.

Yamaha said that the EC-05 is the "vanguard in a new line of Yamaha EV products coming to market in the near future." The company said that the new product is not only a response to consumer needs but also "represents a great leap for Yamaha stepping into the EV market."

The retail price for the e-scooter is US$3,220, but a wide array of government subsidies in different cities in Taiwan can result in a deep discount.

Source: Taiwan News
Rita Chen (rita.chen@taitra.org.tw)

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