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Taya chains for 1000W/160Nm mid-drives
The technology is called Diamond Hard Tech (DHT) which, according to Taya, “Provides the solidest hardened base with extreme hardness performance and self-lubrication feature.”

The Taiwan based chain maker claims that its new DHT chains provide for a 25 percent increased surface hardness; a hardened layer that is 3 times thicker while its super durability brings about 8 times longer chain life. It makes Taya’s DHT chains extremely suitable for sporty e-bikes like e-MTBs as well as speed pedelecs.

Next to Taya’s DHT surface treatment providing for protection against pin deforming by high torque its new DHT chains also have reinforced 360◦ sub-punched pins that have extraordinary riveting power. With these features Taya Chain claims that its e-MTB, speed pedelec chains are even approved for mid-drives that are capable of 1000W max power and up to 160Nm max torque. These Taya DHT chains come in the 11 speed eONZE-111; the 10 speed eDeca-101 as well as in 9, 8 and single speed versions.

Also new in the 2019 range of Taya Chain is the award-winning EVO-Light Chain. The EL ONZE is the company’s new 11 speed for which Taya claims that it is the lightest chain in the world while it is also claimed to be 40 percent more efficient compared to regular bike chains.

The EVO Light chain series offers Taya’s “Three Components Technology”. It stands for a chain design with plates and protruding rollers in one piece, achieving significant weight reduction by limiting the number of the components of the chain to only three. At 150 grams the ONZE-117 chain is almost 50 percent lighter compared to other 11 speed chains. It also features a self-lubricating groove design that bring the life time of this chain up to a claimed 10,000 km.

Source: BIKE europe
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